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Які переваги паралельних дизель-генераторних установок?

Час: 2018-12-20 Переглядів: 7

What are the advantages of parallel diesel generator sets? First of all, we need to understand what is the combination of diesel generator sets and cabinets. The parallel cabinet is also the generator automatic control cabinet.

When two or more generator sets are combined to supply power to the load, or when one or more generator sets are combined to supply power to the grid, the diesel generator sets need to be paralleled, so that the system can meet the requirements of joint power supply and generate electricity. The machine works normally.

Advantages of parallel diesel generating sets:

 1. Improve the reliability and continuity of the power supply system. Because multiple units are connected in parallel to form a power grid, the voltage and frequency of the power supply are stable and can withstand the impact of large load changes.
 2. Maintenance and maintenance are more convenient. Multiple units can be used in parallel, can be centrally dispatched, and distributed active and reactive loads, which can make maintenance and repair convenient and timely.
 3. More economical. According to the size of the online load, a suitable number of low-power units can be invested to reduce the waste of fuel and oil caused by the small-load operation of high-power units.
 4. The future expansion is more flexible. Only need to install the power generation and parallel equipment of the current required power. When the company needs to expand the grid capacity in the future, it will add diesel generator sets, and the expansion of the generator sets can be easily realized in parallel, which makes the initial investment more Significant economy.